BEESWAX V developed as a consultancy product for Arable land.


BEESWAX V is a mathematical model designed to allocate beehives in clusters intra-field for arable farms requiring honey bee pollination.


BEESWAX IV is a working website designed to work infield for orchards. To see the website, please click the link:



About Project BEESWAX:


Mathematical science is being applied to find the best positions for beehives to optimise pollination through a partnership between the University of Essex and Andrew Lewis, from Chelmsford-based Simul Systems Ltd.The project has been made possible after Andrew was awarded a £5,000 Innovation Voucher from the Technology Strategy Board to help develop an app for desktop computers and laptops to help beekeepers improve productivity.


Increasing pollination rates is seen as vitally important as beehive colonies have decreased significantly over recent years. This is creating a potential crisis as one in three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination, according to the British Beekeepers Association.


Simul System’s aim is to develop an app which will provide commercial and non-commercial bee keepers with a tool to help them decide where to best place their beehives in the future to generate the best possible yield.Andrew said: “We are very grateful to all our associates, in particular the University of Essex and the Technology Strategy Board, for enabling this opportunity to develop an idea which we hope will make a valid contribution to increasing crop productivity at a difficult time.”