Rapid Prototyping



Simul Systems Ltd is now engaging in Software Rapid Protoyping as a business opportunity.


We have been doing it for years using MS-Access since 1995. This remains our basic environment.


However we can now add Python and soon ASP.Net to that portfolio.


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...to commission a feasibility study and prototype of your latest application idea.


Tally ho!

We are now in a position to offer an additional new development service, that of Microsoft Excel Dashboard design and installation.


Interfacing with your existing data sources, these dashboards enable senior managers and owners to see the status of their company at-a-glance.


It does currently need you to have purchased a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010+, but we are investigating the suitability of open-source solutions using LibreOffice Calc.


The process has three main stages: data coralling from your sources (possibly an SQL snapshot or report from Sage), data preparation, and dashboard design & development.


Contact us today to discuss how we can improve and simplify your hands-on management and our refreshingly reasonable fees.


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