The expert arrived for a talk with the bee, 

On the mechanics of flight over warm honeyed tea, 

The little bee sat there feeling quite lost, 

His little wings folded and furry legs crossed.


The expert began as to how and to why, 

In his expert opinion a bee couldn't fly, 

The expert pushed back his old hardback chair, 

And walked to the blackboard with slide rule and setsquare.


Writing equations to left and to right,

While quoting from back issues of the magazine Flight, 

Dihedral, anhedral, thermals and lift, 

Plus a graphic account of the life of a swift.


But the bee just sat there humming a tune, 

While sipping warm honeyed tea from a small silver spoon, 

Then the bee rose up with scarcely a sound, 

And flew around and around and around, 

Performed an Immelman turn, a loop and a dive, 

Flew out of the window and back to his hive.



written by T.E. Ringrose, Benfleet, Essex. From the Daily Mail

Latest news:


A new prototype for the web is being developed called BEESWAX4.


BEESWAX4 is a software program which allocates beehives in a pattern determined by pragmatic experience mixed with research to improve pollination of Top Fruit and crops  which is being tested at a fruit farm in Kent, England.


Based on the mathematical programming of its predecessor, BEESWAX3, the new web-app will include a map based user-interface and will be free-to-use.


The app will carry banner advertising.


BEESWAX4 is scheduled to be ready for use in the Northern Hemisphere Spring 2015.